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Their experience:

The client:

Advanced Osteopathic Health continues to offer a variety of highly specialized, cutting edge medical therapies designed to treat the toughest health problems. With over 25 years of service providing the most advanced and holistic medical treatments available their staff has been proudly serving patients through out Michigan, the United States, and Abroad. They continue to specialize in offering progressive and sometimes overlooked medical solutions that treat the root of the problem and provide their patents with deep and lasting relief and healing that will allow them to enjoy life to its fullest.

Our approach:

We began our efforts by collaborating with the Utmost group who interviewed clients, staff members, and professional peers of Advanced Osteopathic Health. Through intimate one on one phone interviews we uncovered our clients “Branding Truth”; or in other words what they found most appealing, and meaningful about the care they had received from Dr. Nebbeling and his staff. From there we were able to skillfully base all of our graphic design, web development, and outreach efforts on the patient's feedback, desires, and health related aspirations. With a totally refreshed branding message, overhauled graphic and web materials Advanced Osteopathic Health has continued to prosper and growth as a business. We have continued to work closely with them over the past three years, and support their mission of changing lives through superior medical treatment and patient care.


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Main Color Palette

Advanced Osteopathic Health Main Color Palette


Collaborative copywrighting done with: The Utmost Group

Advanced Osteopathic Health typography


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On this project we proudly collaborated with:

The Utmost Group

Branding, marketing and communications

Eat Pomegranate Photography

Artistic direction and photography