Research, Photography, Graphic and Web Design

The client

AIMS is commitment to working with their client the to help them navigate the probation process to get there drivers license reinstated. The cornerstone of their service model is encouraging their clients to be willing and open to change so that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible.

Our approach

Being a true startup we began by doing research of their market and the examined AIMS’s competitors. Once we had an idea what niche we would frame them in and how to create the most value from it, we began developing graphic and website elements that highlight their three core business values: Accessibility, Accuracy, Fast Service. Drawing attention to these benefits will help them connect with new referral sources that lead to ongoing streams of new clients.

Their experience:

Graphic design

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AIMS logo 001

Main color palette

AIMS main color palette


AIMS typography


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AIMS mobile photo 00
Freedom's Edge mobile photo 01


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AIMS website on mobile devices