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The client

At byhand massage they promote wellness, peace, and empowerment through quality therapeutic massage. As time has gone by they have expanded their product offering with the express aim of creating life changing shifts in health for their clients. They now offer valuable premium packages that that empower their clients to burn fat, get lean and sexy, and uncover their most healthy beautiful body ever. They pride themselves on using a focused whole person approach to finding the root of the pain and dealing with it aggressively and permanently.

Our approach

When we started working with byhand massage they had a dream about helping people who struggled chronic pain find natural alternatives to high cost surgery, and daily pain pill regimens. They wanted their client base to consist of people who had the expectation of having their chronic pain relieved. Through our proprietary interview techniques we discovered the bulk of their customers appreciated their no-nonsense, individually focused plans of action and healing that really empowered their pain relief on a deep and lasting level. We collaborated with some amazing talent on this project to create a wonderful marketing platform that has elevated byhand’s ability grow, profit, and expand there message of healing and hope.


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