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The client

At Truecare Chiropractic they strive to offer tailored chiropractic, massage therapy and nutrition consulting services that empower their patients to achieve their movement, health and life goals. The mission of Truecare Chiropractic is to provide personalized healthcare solutions that help their patients get out of pain fast and enjoy their life to the fullest. This is done through dedicating time needed to actively listen and then crafting individualized plans of care that user the most advanced and effective treatments in the field of holistic medicine to help each and every patient get the relief and results.

Our approach

We started by looking at what had worked for them up to this point. While they more they had build a solid foundation on conventional marketing, their digital marketing been derelict for years. This project called from a ground-up branding rebuild. We started by interviewed existing clients and learned what they really cherished about their relationship with Truecare. Our finding informed every step of our rebrand. The name of the business was changed, along with their branding identity, and core value promise.

Uncovering brand truth

Through carefully planned in person and phone interviews with clients and staff we uncovered Truecare's unique “Branding Truth”. Since no one person knows the entire truth; it's important to speak to many different many people from each of these groups, asking several different types of questions and uncover what Crooked Foot meant to each of them. These findings and data are correlated and blended into a singular message that can be shaped into different and outreach campaigns that grab and hold the attention of each unique group. We took all of our results and distilled them down to what people in the survey process found most appealing, and meaningful about working with Truecare Chiropractic:

During this research process words that were most frequently used by participants were:

Wealth Advisory Group branding truth image

These words were crafted into a a meaningful and relevant value promise that will connect with new and existing clients:

Individualized chiropractic care that is focused on measurable results, patient respect, and honestly.

Our branding message focuses on telling the story of a friendly, welcoming, and trustworthy chiropractic office that not only offers their clients a way out of pain fast, but also supports their growth with a inclusive community of professional healers that are open are committed to helping new and existing patients reach their health care goals to live their pain-free lives to the fullest.

Graphic design

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Main color palette

Truecare Chiropractic main color palette


Truecare Chiropractic typography


Provided by: T.E.P Studios

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